Thursday, July 15, 2010

Get Paid To Blog

Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Get Paid To Blog Websites And Opportunities

Get paid to write blog posts is among my best ways to make money online. Making money from writing blog posts is really very easy. If you have fundamental writing skills you will be able to start blogging for cash within minutes. The only thing that you need to know is how to install a blog.

What are paid to blog websites?

Paid to blog websites are those sites where you get paid to post product reviews to your blog. Fundamentally paid to blog sites furnish an online board where the advertisers and bloggers get together and get benefited. The advertisers utilising paid to blog sites can get to their potential buyers without spending more money and the bloggers get profited as they are getting paid to write blog reviews by these advertisers.

How Paid to Blog Sites Work?

The paid to blog sites or networks are internet board or platform which act as a contacting point for both advertisers and bloggers. Bloggers who would like to make money blogging get registered as bloggers, while users promoting product, services or a websites get registered as advertisers.

To participate in paid to blog sites you have to submit your blog for approval after you register for an account in paid to blog system.

Once your account is created and verified by email, you will be able to submit your blog(s) for approval. Usually blogs are approved within 2-3 days and often sooner depending on the site. Once your blog is approved, you will be able to view and accept paid to blog opportunities. Herewith opportunity I mean a short review or an advertisement that you will post on your blog.

Approved blogs appear on the list of blogs accepting paid post of advertisements. On the other hand, advertisers are given access to database of blogs accepting paid post of ads. They can search blogs on the basis of blog topic, page rank and choose which blog they want to advertise on.

After selecting, the advertisers submit the details of their ad work along with the amount they would like to spend.

The bloggers getting their blog selected for ad work are informed via the board and mail, after which they have to accept the after and complete the desired work in order to get paid.

Once you have accepted an offer, you are required to create a post on your blog. After posting you must submit the URL of your post for approval. Paid to Blog Sites will review the post and either approve or reject it. If it is rejected, they will explain why and allow you to try again.

Posts are reviewed daily or weekly depending upon the network your post will typically be approved within 1 to 3 weeks, they check to see if the blog post is still live. If so, you will get paid through Paypal with the email address you provided.

Always remember that your post must remain live on your blog. Removing or changing it can result in termination of your account from the network.

How much you get paid?

The amount we get paid depends upon the ad requirements. Generally the amount paid for writing a short review with a link pointing to the advertised site is $ 2 in case of blog with a low PR value and $ 5-10 in case of high PR blog.

Therefore the amount you can make depends upon the number of projects you complete. A completely new blogger can complete one task in 15-20 minutes. Where as an average blogger can complete 2-3 task in the same time.

How do you get paid?

At almost all the paid blogging sites we get paid via Paypal while there are sites which pay you using other payment processors and some pay you directly via check.

When do you get paid?

The bloggers get paid when they reach a predefined amount which varies from sites to site and usually is $ 25 or $ 50 same pay you immediately as soon as you are paid by the advertisers. In some cases you might be paid sooner, but expect 2 to 4 weeks to pass before payment.